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Best Samurai Jeans

Updated: May 26, 2022

Inspired by history and tradition yet feeding on quality and skills inherited through generations, Samurai Jeans is a Japanese brand founded by Tohru Nogami in 1998. The brand focuses on creating heavier and textured denim that is rooted in the spirit of the Samurai sword, strong yet reliable like its blade. The brand stays just to its essence as it refuses to conform to pop culture. So the jeans ensure quality and have minor yet significant details like silver thread on the selvedge ID which metaphorically refers to the Samurai sword. In addition to this, the jeans feature a leather patch that often depicts warriors and narrates incidents that shaped Japanese culture.

Qualities Of The Best Samurai Jeans:

  • Japan is not into cotton production but some of the limited editions of Samurai jeans are produced by the cotton grown in Japan without employing chemistry in production.

  • Samurai jeans are quite hard and stiff when you get them but they soon turn to extremely comfortable each time you wear them.

  • Samurai jeans pay a lot of attention to the material so the brand focuses on short fiber cotton for the classic heavy models which are fast fading and expressively textured denim. In addition to this, they also deal in a long fiber variety.

  • Having Samurai jeans doesn’t come without surprises. For example,

Some of its jeans feature humps and knots which can not be seen immediately but on a focused look.

Some jeans feature arches that are only visible after a while.

Some feature a special lining on the pockets due to which the embroidery appears to be volumetric which again not instantly but after a while.

Best Samurai Jeans Editions:

Samurai Jeans S5000VX 17oz:

This is one of the Samurai’s lighter denim editions if we talk about weight. However, the classic dark blue denim features a wide cut which goes well if you are not looking for slim-fit jeans.

The wash has the same classic appeal as the cut however, it doesn’t feature the signature Samurai arches on the pockets which are a signature of the Samurai jeans.

Samurai Jeans S710Xx W36 JAPAN:

This edition features dusty black denim with stylish gray washes and is generously cut especially in the legs. As a signature of the Samurai jeans, the edition fits true to details like the intricately detailed inside buttons, and the leather patch narrating another significant event from the culture of Japan. Unlike most indigo Samurai jeans, these jeans offer a wide range of styling options through the choice of colors and washes.

Samurai Jeans S5000Vx W36 JAPAN:

If you are into denim that is neither too tight nor too loose but is balanced between the two extremes, this edition is for you. The blue color denim features light blue shadowy washes and is slightly ripped from the ankles to give a stylish appeal. In addition to this, the denim is detailed with arches on the back pockets and a leather patch at the waist, being the signature of the Samurai brand.

Samurai Jeans s710xx 19oz raw selvedge denim:

This edition features richly textured dark blue jeans with no light-colored washes apparent in the sight. It is more on the slim fit side if you consider its fitness however, It is a perfect choice to style your outfit neatly and leave an impression of a dapper. Each stitch is neatly finished and the way each strong button is stitched adds to the strength and seems reminiscent of a Samurai sword.

Samurai S003JP 210z Yamato Model Slim Tapered Selvedge Denim:

This generously cut and finished indigo denim is lightly textured and gently washed. More than just a silver thread stitched on the waist as a Samurai jeans signature, this edition focuses more on detailing meticulously as is apparent from flower detailed buttons. The best part is it’s quite comfy and is best to style the outfits in a light and casual manner. However, the additional emphasis on detail doesn’t keep this edition from the signature details of the brand. The back pockets feature the arches flowing and knotting in the center along with a leather batch at the top narrating yet another proud moment from Japanese culture.

Samurai Jeans S710XX19ozII Kiwami Slim Straight Tapered Selvedge Denim Men’s:

Made with Samurai’s signature 19oz, this denim features an indigo color. The S710XX focused on heavy stitching to give the jeans a floppy appeal. So you can wear it if you want to dress up nice while staying in your maximum comfort. Like most of the best Samurai jeans editions, this also has a neat yet solid indigo color with no light or heavy washes visible. In addition to this, the brand doesn’t focus less on the details of maintaining their unique identity as the buttons are uniquely carved out saying Japan's fines Samurai Co LTD.

Samurai Raw Selvedge Denim Japan:

This is one of the most stylish editions of Samurai jeans and is one of our personal favorites as well. Featuring light blue washes from waist to knees, neat linear creases on the thighs, and volumetric ripped patches near the bottom opening of each leg, this denim is a must-have to groove up your style game. In addition to this, it considers the comfort well as it is not aggressively tight but finished well enough to balance your style and comfort needs.

Samurai Jeans Lot 17 S5000Vx Service Denim W36 JAPAN: Made with 100% pure cotton, S5000Vx is indigo colored slightly shaded edition of Samurai jeans. This edition is made through a generous cutting of the fabric to give a baggy appeal. To wear this edition on one side creates a style statement, and keeps you relaxed for the all flowy and loose finishing on the other side. However, all the other details remain intact, such as the neat stitching, the strong buttons, and a signature leather patch at the back.

Samurai Jeans S710Xx W35 JAPAN:

S710xx W35 is made in the Samurai’s signature 19oz and features indigo denim slightly creased in another dark tone but lighter than the indigo base. This edition features rough stitches at the bottom opening of each leg which are horizontally stitched, most specifically to help people who like their pants folded. The length of each leg is 85cm while unfolded and 76cm when folded, considering the given stitches. However, the fitness remains balanced between neither too tight nor too loose.

Samurai Jeans S710xx 19oz:

S710xx is yet another edition made in 19oz, is rugged, rough, and has a hard durable texture rather than the soft one. In addition to this, it is heavier considering its weight as is measured to be 19 ounces. However, it is slim straight denim, unlike the baggy and flowy editions we mentioned earlier.

The copper buttons and rivets are originals of Samurai jeans featuring a Taiko drums design, characters of Samurai jeans, and the Japanese expression translated as “All earthly things fade away.

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