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Best Ripped Jeans For Men

Updated: May 26, 2022

Ripped jeans are a pair of denim jeans that feature tears, rips, incisions, or abrasions mainly on the knees yet not limited to the knees but on any other area on the pants from thighs to knees and beyond. Such rips impart a worn-out, and frayed look to the jeans as the tightly woven denim loses and the naked area of skin peeps out from beneath. Such jeans are a popular fashion statement. However, wearing them is a bold choice as they are loud and referred to as rebellion.

Origin Of The Ripped Jeans:

Ripped jeans have their origin in the Punk-rock movement dated in the 1970s. A movement led by the youth from all over the globe to break the conventional norms of the society- that they felt, no longer serve them.

The early rock movement inclined towards tearing apart consumer goods as an expression of annoyance and a symbol of rebellion against society. Then they adopted denim as their language of expression, and soon men and women started wearing teared-up jeans and jackets- aggressively put together with revolutionary slogans and pins.

So the movement soon turned into a fashion trend when the musicians like Iggy Pop, Curt Cobain, and The Ramones, among many others, started wearing them. With that already happening, the movement further jumped on the bandwagon of becoming a fashion trend when celebrities like Madonna and many others popularized it. Fans soon followed it by ripping their jeans at home. However, to warm their hands in the burning fire, denim brands start customizing them as consumer goods.

Since then, ripped jeans are considered quite a statement, and even now prominent names like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Aniston, Deepika Padukon, and Sonam Kapoor flaunt them from their prominent to casual public appearances, like red carpet and airport, etc. Furthermore, Meghan Markle wore blue ripped jeans paired with a white shirt to Invictus Games- when she made her first public appearance with Harry Windsor in 2017.

Top 10 Best Ripped Jeans for Men:

1: 2020 Fashion New Men’s Ripped Jeans Skinny Stretch Slim Straight Pencil Pants:

As the name slim straight pencil pants suggest, this pair of jeans has thickness tight as a pencil which fits around your legs and imparts a pencil straight look to them. However, the jeans feature a rectangular window-like opening, ripped right on the knees making the pants lose from that part mainly because of the loosening of the fibers.

Unlike many other ripped jeans, this one goes beyond all norms with its dual-color feature which means these pants have one leg in one color and the other in another color mainly black and gray, black and white, and black and red. That means, if you wear these ripped jeans, you should be very clear in your mind that you are not going to go unnoticed due to the uniqueness of the design. So if you are a person who doesn’t like to be on display or is shy of attention, this one is not for you.

2. Men Stretch Straight Slim Fit Jeans Washed Destroyed Ripped Denim Pants Trousers:

This article is called pants trousers mainly because of the trouser-like stitching. These pants feature voluminous yet curvy creases beneath the wild ripping, done all over the legs. The fibers in this article have been destroyed so aggressively that they feel like the rough patches of thread placed upon a neatly woven fabric. The blue denim is being washed from the thighs to below the knees to impart a contrasting dual-tone to the denim. However, the piece is so loud and bold that we don’t suggest you wear it to professional interactions because it is more like a life of the party. But if you don’t like your legs dancing in the pants and still feel comfortable, you should go for these because they loosely hug your legs.

3. Men's Ripped Jeans Super Skinny Slim Fit Denim Pants Destroyed Frayed Trousers:

This is another rebellious piece from the list of best ripped jeans for men. This not only features loud rips on the thighs, knees, and at the lower edges but also slogans and pins put up mostly on the area between thighs and knees. However, the rips in this one took another form as they are not the hollow opening showing skin from beneath but wild openings being sewn with horizontal threads which are well exposed. As far as the fitness of the pants is concerned, the pants are loose from the area above the knees but are super tight below the knees. So if you are going for this article, make sure to get it in the exact size because if not, you won’t be able to pull them up.

4. Argonaut Nations Ripped Denim Stretch Skinny Jeans Pants:

This pair of jeans are among our best sellers. These stretch skinny pants are no less than statement pieces. It has four wildly ripped patches in a single straight line consecutively put one after the other- from thighs to knees on both legs. Again the patches are not hollow but are put together with roughly sewn fabric. The threads are not a natural cause of abrasion but are intentionally designed to look this way. This article can be seen in two colors, dusty black, and tonal blue, and is finished up to the standards of skinny-fit jeans which will not shy away from giving you a hard yet dapper look.

5. Men's Denim Jeans Blue Slim Fit Ripped Denim Stretch Fashion Distressed Pants:

This article features an indigo background with contrasting vertical light-colored patches washed at the front and the back of the pants equally. Furthermore, the denim is ripped and then patched with fabric sewn with red, blue, and white vertical, diagonal, and horizontal stitches. While these jeans come in the category of slim fit, the lower opening of each leg is designed to have hanging threads instead of a neat horizontal folding. Styling your outfit with such jeans is perfect if you want to appear what we call rough and tough.

6. GS-115 Men’s Ripped Motto Slim Jeans Size 32:

This black and gray tonal denim is quite fashionable with horizontal creases on the thighs and ripped patches of varying sizes all over the legs. The specialty of this article is that the ripped patches are not very loud, most probably because the openings are sewn with a dark color thread that almost matches the gray wash. So if you prefer ripped jeans that are not too loud but still make a fashion statement and are balanced somewhere between the tight and loose extremes of the fitness, this one is made just for you.

7. Men’s Casual Straight Ripped Fashion Jeans All-Match Youth Trousers Pants:

This is another one of the best ripped jeans for men which falls into the category of Trousers pants and is quite stylish. The rich blue denim features contrasting horizontal striped washes on the thighs and a long shadowy wash centered perfectly on each leg. Plus this article is designed to have a voluminous finish with two to three destroyed patches on each leg. So if you are not into jeans, hanging straight or tight enough to wrap the legs into a pencil, this one is a perfect choice.

8. Men’s Slim Straight Ripped Jeans Size 32 Blue INC International Concepts:

This is the most sophisticated article in the ripped jeans for men category which you can wear anywhere while not being too loud and at perfect comfort. This denim has a blue background with light blue washes which are so subtle that they look like just a tonal variation in blue. So if you are not a person with a punk personality but still love to groove up to fashion trends, go grab it.

9. Men Skinny Jeans Ripped Jeans Slim Fit Pant Stretch Pant Fashion New:

This is one of the most rebellious pieces in this collection and before going deep into its detail, let me tell you one thing very clearly, this is not for everyone. Especially not for you if you are shy, professional, or a quiet nerd. This black denim washed with almost white-gray color features harsh tears and eye-catching yet speaking design made up to pop culture in golden, brown, and white color. Although this slim fit article is something 1 person out of 100 people will wear, if carried out confidently, such outfits make you immortal- for you are the person that will stand out in the whole crowd and will be talked about long after the party ends.

10. Men Jeans Ripped Jeans Skinny Jeans Slim Fit Pant Rip Jeans Frayed:

This is slim-fit curvy denim in tonal blue color with a solid white stripe at the side of each leg. This article has no rough patches randomly put everywhere like others, but just a big rough opening on both knees which will expose the skin openly. However, this piece is still less loud than most of the pieces we mentioned previously. So if you like to stay up to date with fashion trends while keeping your outfit neat and finished, nothing can go wrong with this one.

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